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    Posting Dates: 07/23/2020 - 08/06/2020

    Job Family: Information Technology

    Department: BYU-Pathway Worldwide


    A successful Chief Information Officer will have the ability to architect key information and work collaboratively with the institution’s leadership to deliver high quality education both locally and remotely. The officer will transform what the leadership wants to accomplish into distributed, event-driven, and API enabled IT systems that will scale appropriately and yield outstanding user experiences. They will accomplish this work through partnerships with CES, ICS and other Church departments all in the name of supporting BYU-Pathway Worldwide and LDSBC's missions, initiatives, and priorities.


    Primary areas of stewardship include:

    • Building an IT culture adept and agile in supporting online academic and administrative needs.
    • Ensuring technology adequately supports the quality of experience for an online student body.
    • Collaborating with senior leadership to align IT’s efforts with BYU-Pathway and LDSBC’s goals and strategies.
    • Managing multiple budgets and allocating limited IT resources in support of priority initiatives and projects leading BYU-Pathway and LDSBC toward increased, sustainable efficiency through appropriate use of technology.
    • Create and advocate a technology vision built on principles of excellence and frugality.


    Requires a relevant master’s degree, such as in business or computer science, plus progressive managerial experience (10-15 years) or an equivalent combination of education and experience. Professional experience must demonstrate exceptional leadership ability, including the capacity to strengthen and empower employees to fulfill their responsibilities with ever-increasing excellence.

    Management experience must include budgeting, supervising technical personnel, and project planning. In addition, this role requires an understanding of programming, network operations, system management and security, distributed systems, APIs, event-driven design, and other key IT functions. An understanding of project management and capacity planning is essential as is the ability to make information technology efficient and service-oriented.

    Leadership and Management – First and foremost, the Information and Technology Architect must be extremely effective at maintaining innovation and deference within the CES I.T. portfolio team. Powerful strategic thinking and analytical abilities are required. Organizational effectiveness and wise resource management is expected. A demonstrated ability to see an organization’s future needs and successfully plan for them is critical. Managerial accounting ability is necessary for purchasing responsibilities, managing large budgets, etc.

    Interpersonal Skills and Communication – The capacity to forge successful working relationships is essential. Collaborative relationships will be necessary with administrators, the online community, external contacts, and a wide range of individuals. Superior communication skills, both verbal and written, are required. The employee must be approachable, empathetic, humble, and live the gospel by example. A natural inclination to be trusting of employees and others is essential.

    Technology – The employee must have a thorough understanding and working knowledge of large distributed systems using current and relevant technology. The employee should be familiar with industry changes and innovations in IT infrastructure, programming, online delivery, and instructional design.

    Problem Solving Capability – Given the breadth and complexity of information technology in the online environment, the employee must have demonstrated ability to find solutions through collaborative analytical evaluations among many competing priorities. The incumbent must facilitate decision-making efficiently and in a manner that empowers IT management and respects everyone involved. Decisions must align with institutional priorities and reflect wise stewardship

    Worthiness Qualification

    Must be a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and currently temple worthy.

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