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Posting Dates: 03/18/2021 - 04/01/2021

Job Family: Finance & Accounting

Department: Finance and Records Department


Risk employees reduce accident, illness, and injury occurring on Church property or during Church-sponsored activities to protect people and to minimize the loss of sacred funds (donated confidentially in obedience to God's commandments) used for the Church's religious mission under the direction of senior ecclesiastical leaders.

Intermediate level safety, health, and environmental generalist.  Incumbent demonstrates intermediate competency as a safety, health, and environmental professional in the areas of technical knowledge, communication, and problem solving. Works independently with some supervision. Reports to senior level safety, health, and environmental professional.  Works closely with senior safety, health, and environmental professional to ensure compliance with federal, state and local regulatory organizations and to ensure employee safety in the workplace.


●  30%  Provides safety, health, and environmental training and prevention programs
●  25%  Conducts inspections of facilities and equipment to identify and correct safety, health, and environmental concerns and to assure that emergency
              equipment will be in its place and in operating condition.
●  25%  Maintains records such as:  training meetings, accidents/injuries, chemical inventories, an ergonomics program, SDS records, and chemical
●  10%  Liaison with public and private agencies concerning safety, health, and environmental related issues. 
●   10%  Planning prepares and updates written Emergency Evacuation Plans.  Conducts emergency evacuation drills


●  B.S. in Occupational Safety and Health, Industrial Hygiene, Environmental Engineer or equivalent
●  2 years experience administrating safety programs
●  Associate Safety Professional (ASP) preferred
●  Familiarity Church Safety, Health, and Environmental processes, OSHA standards, EPA requirement, Fire Department regulations and knowledge of
     safety, health and environmental issues
●  Must be capable of developing and presenting effective safety, health, and environmental training
●  Must possess the ability to operate a personal computer
●   Ability to crawl, climb, and inspect equipment and facilities

Worthiness Qualification

Must be a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and currently temple worthy.

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